Summer Computer classes July 2024 - 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm (3 hours per day)

The Summer classroom computer course tailored for Secondary School Students is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that combines essential digital skills with creative exploration. Here's an enhanced description of the course activities:

First Hour - Mastering Touch Typing
During the first hour, students focus on mastering touch typing techniques and improving typing speed, and accuracy through structured exercises and practice sessions.

Second Hour - Essential Digital Skills Workshop
Email Essentials: Students delve into setting up and using email accounts effectively, mastering email etiquette for personal and professional communication, including composing messages, managing attachments, and sending business emails.
Intermediate Word Processing: Students advance their word processing skills with intermediate exercises such as creating tables, using borders, and formatting documents. They also learn to craft professional documents like CVs and cover letters.
Dynamic Presentations: Students learn to create engaging presentation slides with animations, image insertions, and font customisations, enhancing their ability to communicate ideas effectively.
Spreadsheet Mastery: Students explore spreadsheet creation, basic formulas (such as addition, subtraction, and summation), and data organisation techniques, developing foundational skills for data management and analysis.
File and Cloud Management: Students practice efficient file management techniques such as creating folders, organising documents in sub-folders, copying, renaming files, and storing documents securely on cloud platforms.

Third Hour - Creative Projects and Digital Innovation
The third hour is dedicated to hands-on creative projects and exploration of advanced digital concepts:
YouTube Channel Creation: Students embark on creating their own YouTube channels, learning about content creation, audience engagement, and ethical considerations in online platforms.
Custom YouTube Channel Art: Students design personalised channel art, including banners and thumbnails, to enhance their channel's visual appeal and brand identity.
Video Creation and Publishing: Students conceptualise, script, film, and edit videos, gaining skills in video production and editing before uploading their creations to their YouTube channels.
Creative Design Projects: Students engage in a variety of creative tasks such as designing online comics, creating avatars, crafting picture collages, and editing images using digital tools and software.
3D Animation and Coding: Students explore the exciting realms of 3D animation and coding, experimenting with creating animated graphics and interactive applications, fostering creativity and computational thinking.
Artificial Intelligence Module: Students delve into AI concepts, applications, and ethical considerations, gaining insights into emerging technologies shaping the digital landscape.

Throughout the course, expert instructors provide guidance, mentorship, and feedback, nurturing students' technical proficiency, creativity, critical thinking, and digital citizenship skills. The diverse range of activities ensures an engaging and enriching learning experience, empowering students to excel in the digital age and pursue their interests in technology and creative media.

Start Date

July 01, 2024 13:30

End Date

July 26, 2024 16:30


St Tiernan's Community School Dublin 14, Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland + Google Map

Camp price (Note: The camp price listed below is only available for children from the same family.)

One week Camp Price

  • Child1 €100
  • Child2 €90
  • Child3 €90
  • Child4 €90
  • Child5 €90

Discount Price for Second or additional weeks booking

  • Child1 €95
  • Child2 €85
  • Child3 €85
  • Child4 €85
  • Child5 €85

Note: booking fee applies per transaction.

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