About us

Mission statement

Delivering high quality, bespoke, structured computer-based learning that improves our student’s capabilities through the acquisition of knowledge, new life skills that enhance their confidence and self-esteem and improve their future prospects. Our programmes are delivered in a fun and engaging way in a group environment by enthusiastic, genuine professional trainers.


Searsol values are the following:

  • Inclusive – Searsol work with all students and our course are engaging end instructor led.
  • Personal approach – each student receives individual attention in a group setting.
  • Patience – tutors are patent and recognise that each student works at their own pace on our courses.
  • Motivational – students are motivated to do the course as their work is praised and achievements on the program are recognised.
  • Relaxed – our environment is positive, relaxed and fun, student go away feeling happy and content.
about about
about about

We provide Easter and Summer computer camps throughout Ireland. We offer the courses to children from the ages of eight onwards up to school leaving age. The course covers a range of topics including touch typing, word processing, presentation slides, image editing, creating cards, avatars, comic books, collages and 3D animation.

We now offer our camps online via Zoom. For more information click on the camps section of this website.