My son really improved his typing and computer skills on the Searsol computer camp.
I wanted to thank you very much for delivering the excellent Computer Camp in St Kevin’s.
My son attended and he loved it! (He had also attended your camp 2 years ago & he developed the skills he had learned on that course last week).
We’d love our son to continue to develop his computer skills, as he seems really interested in this end of things-he’s not interested in joining any sports clubs etc so we’d like to support him in what he does like!
Once again, many thanks for delivering such a beneficial & enjoyable camp for my son and his friend.
Best wishes with all your future camps etc.
Meave V
Level 2 Summer camp feedback

Many thanks for the courses you offered at Level 1 and Level 2. Both my children really enjoyed them and it kept them engaged. My oldest did a camp with Searsol a couple of years ago before he went to secondary school and it has really stood to him. His school uses ipads and he has dyspraxia, so he is heavily reliant on technology. It was great to see him being able to use the apps and email so well. I thought after it that it would be good for all children so that’s why I wanted my daughter to do it as well.

Monica D, two children on Zoom Computer class

My son really enjoyed the camp. The first hour he did typing which he really enjoyed and was really beneficial to him in school.
He loved created his own comic strip and avatar. He got to send emails, create word processing and presentation slides. He also learnt about storing documents in the cloud. He even managed to learn how to code! This is an excellent camp and would highly recommend this.

– Siobhan D

It’s going to be a huge benefit to Tom to learn touch typing when he starts Secondary School next year. We’re really proud of what he has achieved. Tom really learnt a lot on the Searsol Computer camps and made him more confident of making the step up from primary to Secondary school. He is well positioned to use his laptop in Secondary school and has gained vital computers skills that will help him through school.

– Fiona Walsh

Of all the ways in which we have tried to help David learning to typing with Searsol, it has been by far the most beneficial. For the first time David can express himself in his own words using a laptop at school. The Searsol Computer Camp has help David with his typing skills but also how to create word processing documents and presentation slides. He also really enjoyed the creative stuff at the last hour and created his own avatar, birthday card and comic strip. I would highly recommend the camp to any Parent that wants to give their child excellent computer skills.

– Mary Kelly, David 10 years old

”Searsol’s computer skills camp was ideal for my son’s needs. I was very impressed with the teaching.” Father of 11 year old with moderate/severe dyspraxia

– Father of 11 year old with moderate/severe dyspraxia

As a parent I am very happy with the progress my son has made by using the Searsol computer Camp. The camp gave him targets to reach and improved his concentration in doing so. He finished the programme in a very short period of time due to the fun and interactive games on the course. My son is very proud to have finished the programme, he knows this typing skill will a great asset to him for the rest of his life. He also learnt a lot other computer skills, such as word processing, presentation slides which he can use his typing skills to create projects in school.

– John Kelly,

Searsol computer camp has helped my daughter to achieve a competence in typing and improve her confidence. Searsol computer camp has given her transferable skills, improved confidence and has boosted her self-esteem. I am so delighted that did the Searsol Computer Camp and would highly recommend this camp to any parent.

– Anne Burke, Blackrock, Dublin