blog May 14, 2019
Unleash your child’s potential by giving them these vital computer skills

We currently live in a day and age where innovation penetrates pretty much every part of our society. Grown-ups work with a desktop computer, students work on assignments on their laptops, and even elementary school students fill in worksheets on iPads. Computer proficiency is along these lines a basic aptitude that kids need to move…

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blog Feb 13, 2019
Easter Computer Skills Camp 2019 – Dublin

Easter computer skills camps – 2019 Easter computer camps available in Dublin for those students who want to improve their computer skills. The course runs over the Easter period for three hours per day. The emphasis is teaching your child the fundamental skill of touch typing along with other appropriate computer skills appropriate to their…

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blog Feb 27, 2017
Now that you have been awarded a laptop exemption to type out your Junior or Leaving cert – what do you do next?

Now that you have been awarded a laptop exemption to type out your Junior or Leaving Cert – what next? Having to sit through State exams answering questions with pen and paper for hours at a time is all very well for those for whom writing poses no problems, but what about students who struggle…

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blog Feb 01, 2017
Why learning in a Searsol after school centre is more beneficial than learning how to touch type at home.

It is more beneficial for your child to learn how to touch type at Searsol’s after school typing centres than at home for the following reasons: Nationwide network of after school typing centres Searsol offers a nationwide network of after school typing centre. We cover all the major cities in Ireland and are currently expanding…

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blog Jan 25, 2017
What is the benefit of having a typing speed of 10, 25 and 40 wpm?

What is the benefit of having a typing speed of 10, 25 and 40wpm? For most people, learning to type is as much about developing a typing speed as it is about discovering what fingers to use on alphabet keys on the keyboard. After all, while typed copy allows for a more professional printed presentation…

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blog Jan 18, 2017
Hunt and Peck typing method versus touch-typing. Which method is preferred when learning how to type?

Touch-typing is a skill that grows from training your fingers to automatically hit the correct characters on a keyboard in order to type the words and sentences you wish to compose. The method is called touch-typing because, over time, your fingers are trained to find the relevant letters by touch – so that you no…

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blog Sep 05, 2016
Your child got a laptop exemption what should you do next?

  So you have finally got approval for a laptop for you child from the Department of Education. What should you do next to prepare your child in readiness of their new laptop arrival? First off congrats on being pre-approved for the laptop, well done! So what should you do next to help your child…

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blog Apr 06, 2016
What computer skills should your child learn over the Summer months of 2016?

With the increasing array of computers options available to children – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Children are been exposed to the wonders of technology at increasing rate and at earlier age. What computer skills should a child be learning over summer months of 2016 to stay ahead of the learning curve? Touch Typing To be able…

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blog Oct 15, 2015
How to speed up your typing skills?

So you want to improve your typing speed? How do you do this and what successful ways can you implement to improve your typing speed?   Searsol recommend that you do at least a hour of typing practice a week. We provide typing courses where students can learn how to type in a controlled environment…

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