Summer Computer Camps - July 2024 - 9.30 am to 12.30 pm (3 hours per day)

Summer classroom computer camps for Primary school children offer a comprehensive and engaging curriculum designed to enhance their digital literacy skills and creativity. The camp schedule is structured to provide a balanced mix of foundational learning and fun activities to keep children motivated and excited about technology. Here's an improved description of the camp activities:

First Hour - Touch Typing Mastery
In the initial hour, students dive into the world of typing, where they learn the fundamentals of typing accurately and efficiently. Through interactive exercises and games, they develop muscle memory and improve typing speed, setting a strong foundation for their future computer activities.

Second Hour - Essential Digital Skills
Email Essentials: Students learn how to compose, reply to, forward messages, and attach files, understanding the basics of sending emails.
Word Processing Basics: Introduction to word processing software, including creating letters, utilising spell-check tools, and formatting documents.
Presentation Skills: Students explore creating dynamic presentation slides, incorporating animations, inserting images, and experimenting with fonts to communicate ideas effectively.
Cloud Storage Basics: Understanding the concept of cloud storage, students learn how to store securely and access documents online, fostering good digital file management practices.

Third Hour - Creative Exploration and Digital Artistry
In this session, creativity takes centre stage as students engage in a variety of hands-on projects and activities:
Designing Online Comics: Students unleash their storytelling skills by creating their own online comic book strips, and exploring narrative structures and visual storytelling techniques.
Avatar and Character Creation: Students design and customise their avatars and characters using digital tools, expressing their unique personalities and creativity.
Birthday Card Creation: Students craft personalised digital birthday cards, incorporating graphics, text, and special effects to celebrate special occasions creatively.
Picture Collages: Exploring digital image editing, students learn to create captivating picture collages, arranging and editing photos to convey artistic expressions.
Image Editing and Animation: Students delve into the world of digital art, learning to draw, edit, and animate images using specialised software tools, unlocking their artistic potential.
Introduction to Coding: Students are introduced to the basics of coding concepts through interactive games and puzzles, fostering computational thinking and problem-solving skills.
Artificial Intelligence Module: A glimpse into the fascinating world of AI introduces students to its applications and ethical considerations, sparking curiosity and critical thinking.

Throughout the camp, expert instructors guide and inspire students, fostering collaboration, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning in the digital age. The diverse range of activities ensures that each child finds something exciting and meaningful to explore, making the summer camp experience both educational and enjoyable.

Start Date

July 01, 2024 09:30

End Date

July 12, 2024 12:30


St Kevin's Community School Fonthill Road, Lucan, Dublin, Ireland + Google Map

Camp price (Note: The camp price listed below is only available for children from the same family.)

One week Camp Price

  • Child1 €100
  • Child2 €90
  • Child3 €90
  • Child4 €90
  • Child5 €90

Discount Price for Second or additional weeks booking

  • Child1 €95
  • Child2 €85
  • Child3 €85
  • Child4 €85
  • Child5 €85

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