Kids Computer Camps 2024 – Primary school children – Dundrum, Malahide and Lucan

Exciting Computer Camps for Primary School kids in July 2024! Join us in Dublin’s Dundrum, Malahide, and Lucan locations for tech-filled adventures.

Looking for a productive and enriching summer activity for your child in 2024? Consider enrolling them in our Searsol computer skills camps, where they will gain valuable digital skills essential for academic success and future endeavours. Our camps are scheduled in the following locations this year:

Level 1 Computer course is suitable for Primary school children from age 8 upwards and offers the following modules:

Computer Camp – Level 1 – 8 -10-year-olds

First Hour – Mastering Typing

Typewiz typing tutor – designed specifically for children.

Typing – during the first hour, students focus on mastering typing techniques, and improving typing speed, and accuracy through structured exercises and practice sessions.

Second Hour – Essential Digital Skills Workshop

Email – Learn how to compose email replies, forward

Email Essentials: Students delve into setting up and using email accounts effectively, mastering email etiquette for personal communication, including composing messages, managing attachments, and sending emails.

Create word-processing documents

Word Processing Basics: Introduction to word processing software, including creating letters, utilising spell-check tools, and formatting documents for clarity and aesthetics.

Create presentation slides similar to PowerPoint

Presentation Skills: Students explore creating dynamic presentation slides, incorporating animations, inserting images, and experimenting with fonts to communicate ideas effectively.

Third Hour – Creative Exploration and Digital Artistry

In this session, creativity takes centre stage as students engage in a variety of hands-on projects and activities:
Designing Online Comics: Students unleash their storytelling skills by creating their own online comic book strips, and exploring narrative structures and visual storytelling techniques.
Avatar and Character Creation: Students design and customise their avatars and characters using digital tools, expressing their unique personalities and creativity.
Birthday Card Creation: Students craft personalised digital birthday cards, incorporating graphics, text, and special effects to celebrate special occasions creatively.
Picture Collages: Exploring digital image editing, students learn to create captivating picture collages, arranging and editing photos to convey artistic expressions.
Image Editing and Animation: Students delve into the world of digital art, learning to draw, edit, and animate images using specialised software tools, unlocking their artistic potential.
Introduction to Coding: Students are introduced to the basics of coding concepts through interactive games and puzzles, fostering computational thinking and problem-solving skills.
Artificial Intelligence Module: A glimpse into the fascinating world of AI introduces students to its applications and ethical considerations, sparking curiosity and critical thinking.

Create birthday cards
Comic strips
Design and Create picture collages

Here are the improvements to the important information about our computer camps:

1. **Tailored Curriculum for Primary School Children**: Our course materials are specifically designed to cater to the learning needs and interests of primary school children, ensuring that they engage with age-appropriate and stimulating content throughout the camp.

2. **Certificate of Completion**: Each student who completes the camp will receive a certificate, recognising their dedication and achievement in acquiring valuable computer skills and knowledge during the program.

3. **Qualified and Vetted Tutors**: Rest assured, all our tutors are thoroughly Garda vetted, ensuring the safety and well-being of every child in our camps. Our team comprises experienced professionals dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment.

4. **Positive Learning Atmosphere**: Our camps are conducted in a positive and encouraging environment that motivates students to explore, learn, and excel. We prioritise creating a supportive atmosphere where every child feels valued and inspired to reach their full potential.

By choosing our computer camps, you can trust that your child will not only gain valuable computer skills but also experience a safe, positive, and enriching learning journey. Join us for an exciting summer of learning and growth!

To book a place on the course go to https://searsolcomputercamps.com/computercamps