blog Jan 09, 2024
Searsol Easter Computer Camps April 2024

Searsol Easter Computer Camps April 2024. Searching for a meaningful and enriching activity for your child this Easter in 2024? Consider enrolling them in Searsol Computer Skills Easter Camps—a fantastic opportunity for them to acquire a diverse set of computer skills that will not only aid them in their academic journey but also prove invaluable…

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blog Mar 01, 2023
Searsol Easter Computer Camps April 2023 in Dublin

Searsol Easter Computer Camps April 2023 in Dublin. Looking for something productive for your child to do over Easter 2023? Why not enroll in your child our Searsol Computer skills Easter camps where they will learn a range of computer skills which will help them through school and beyond? There are two levels available to…

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blog Feb 13, 2019
Easter Computer Skills Camp 2019 – Dublin

Easter computer skills camps – 2019 Easter computer camps available in Dublin for those students who want to improve their computer skills. The course runs over the Easter period for three hours per day. The emphasis is teaching your child the fundamental skill of touch typing along with other appropriate computer skills appropriate to their…

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