blog Mar 20, 2024
Teenagers Computer Camps 2024 – Primary school children – Dundrum, Malahide and Lucan

Exciting Computer Camps for Secondary School Teenagers in July 2024! Join us in Dublin’s Dundrum, Malahide, and Lucan locations for tech-filled adventures. First Hour – Mastering Typing During the first hour, students focus on mastering touch typing techniques, and improving typing speed, and accuracy through structured exercises and practice sessions. Second Hour – Essential Digital…

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blog Jun 24, 2019
Teenage Computer Summer Camps

  Wondering what to do with your teenage daughter or son over the summer months? Why not a Searsol computer teen camp level 2. Improve their computer and typing skills over the summer months.   Our level 2 Computer camp is suitable for children from the age of  13 to 18 years old who are…

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blog Feb 01, 2017
Why learning in a Searsol after school centre is more beneficial than learning how to touch type at home.

It is more beneficial for your child to learn how to touch type at Searsol’s after school typing centres than at home for the following reasons: Nationwide network of after school typing centres Searsol offers a nationwide network of after school typing centre. We cover all the major cities in Ireland and are currently expanding…

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blog Apr 06, 2016
What computer skills should your child learn over the Summer months of 2016?

With the increasing array of computers options available to children – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones. Children are been exposed to the wonders of technology at increasing rate and at earlier age. What computer skills should a child be learning over summer months of 2016 to stay ahead of the learning curve? Touch Typing To be able…

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