Should you teach your child how to touch type?


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As every parent knows it is difficult to be a teacher and parent with your child. While a parents role is to nourish, encourage and motivate your child achievements. A teachers job is to to instill a routine of learning that helps a student learn their subject in the easiest way based on the students abilities. Where the problem arises is when you become both the teacher and parent.

The problem is that sometimes you be in your best attention try to hard to encourage your child to learn a subject, that you become the pushy parent and the your child rebels and won’t listens to you. The end result is that your child doesn’t learn and it in up not learning the subject matter that you wanted them to learn. It really depends on your relationship with your child, your teaching abilities and the child focus on success and motivation to learn a subject.

To learn touch typing requires effort and dedication. A student would need to put in a least 20 hours of solid learning before they will be able to master the keyboard. Even then their speed would be quite slow but they would be aware of the keyboard buttons and be able to select them without looking at them.

As a parent, if you want your child to learn to touch type, the options are as follows:

  1. Hope that your school teaches touch typing as part of the computer curriculum. Most schools don’t so best check with your school on this.
  2. Learn how to touch type at home. This is a great idea but it really depends on your child and setting about a dedicated time to achieve this. A child needs to be actively monitored and ensure that correct fingers are on the home keys.
  3. Send your child to a trained professional who has taught children how to touch type. This is really the ideal way to learn how to touch type. Your child is an environment with similar children of the age profile learning how to touch type.

Learning how to touch type does require patience, motivation and  concentration but it can be learnt by anyone. We recommend the ideal start age is for a child to be primary age group from eight onwards. If a child picks learns how to touch type before the enter secondary school then they have managed to master a major skill that will benefit them in the long run.

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