Your child got a laptop exemption what should you do next?


laptop excemption

So you have finally got approval for a laptop for you child from the Department of Education.

What should you do next to prepare your child in readiness of their new laptop arrival?

First off congrats on being pre-approved for the laptop, well done! So what should you do next to help your child before the arrival of their new laptop? Searsol recommends that your child start a touch typing course before your child starts using their new laptop. Why should we do this you may ask?


Well the benefits of doing a touch typing course are as follows:


You child doesn’t pick any bad habits formation using the keyboard themselves. If they already starting to type using a keyboard themselves, it takes around three times the amount of time to learn the correct technique. By doing a touch typing course you are giving your child a skill for life. They will learn the correct typing technique and become fast typers without having to look down at the keyboard!


We recommend learning how to touch type in a classroom environment. This is because your child is with similar age children and the learning process works extremely well.


Properly supervised by a trained tutor will ensure that your child learns how to touch type using the correct technique.


By doing a touch typing course, your child is working away at their own pace and feel a sense of achievement doing such a course.


Using a recommended typing course such as Searsol’s. You are ensuring that your child is learning in a positive learning environment and will be not be easily distracted.


In our courses centres, Searsol use keyboard covers so ensuring that a child doesn’t look down at the keyboard.


Searsol touch typing courses ensure a high level of training so that your child learns in a positive environment. If you want to try our one of courses, you can contact Searsol on 01-6303384 or alternatively you can click on the following course page.